[Impression] We learned to turn ideas into reality


Magdalena“This training despite being educative about human rights, their history and the people who were brave and educated enough to fight to defend them, it also showed us how to pass this knowledge on to the other young people in our countries.  We were shown how to take the initiative and use activities and methods described in the COMPASS manual or as we participants of the training  called it “the Bible for Human Rights education”. Divided into groups and motivated, we had the opportunity first handedly to try and see how that education would look like.

(…) And although this was the most important and official part of the training, what rounds this kind of events and makes a whole circle, is exactly the informal part of the training. All the discussion, communication, mutual sharing of experiences, traditions and customs, finding differences and similarities, entertaining each other, having fun and making many memorable moments throughout the beautiful Polish city. All of that made this training and all the learning – unforgettable.”

                – Magdalena Mihajlovska,

                Association for progress, education and lobbying, Macedonia

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