Impressions from our Training of Trainers and Active Leaders

TOTAL_logoFrom 12th to 20th of January 2015, TDM2000 Polska in Wroclaw hosted 30 youth workers and young leaders from 10 European countries who came together to participate on the project “TOTAL – Training of Trainers and Active Leaders”.

The project organised with the support of the Erasmus+ programme answered the needs of partner organisations and European youth work in general to educate youth trainers and youth leaders for running activities/trainings related to active participation of young people, European awareness and other related topics.

The project aimed to prepare the participants to independently work on preparation, implementation, evaluation and monitoring of youth non-formal education activities related to active participation, but also other task important for youth nowadays, by providing them with trainer’s skills and knowledge such as communication, behavior, methodology, tools and sources and finally experience.

Did the training course fulfilled its aim? Here is what some of the participants had to say when asked shortly to summarize the project.

An interesting and really useful training which gave me tools, knowledge and the chance to meet nice experienced people.

Federica, TDM 2000, Italy


The project was very, very productive, interesting and overall useful for the participants. I personally learned many new things that would help me become a good trainer and a leader in the future.

The trainers and the organisation of the project were very professional.

Nedyalko Ivanov, IYAC, Bulgaria


One of the most important training course i have ever participated!

Christos Kouppanou, NECI, Cyprus


Nedyalko, Federica and Christos

Nedyalko, Federica and Christos

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