Impressions after AE4AC Training Course

After the project AE4AC – ‘Active Europeans for Active Citizenship’  we have received a feedback from Polish Team and we would like to share with you impressions written by two amazing, motivated and active participants: Monika Maguder and Alicja Kończyk.


Monika, Alicja and Filip took part in the Training Course ‘Active Europeans for Active Citizenship’ organised from 2nd to 10th of March 2016 in Belgrade, Serbia by our partner Serbian Organisation Academic Society “Novi Beograd”. They were working, sharing and developing skills together with other participants from Serbia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, Poland, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

More information about the project itself you can find HERE.

Monika on the Training Course AE4AC

This was one of the best projects I’ve ever attended. The sessions were lucid, clear, competent and learned me a lot. Organizers managed to find the balance between working and resting, so I didn’t have this feeling that I’m wasting my time and at the same moment I wasn’t overwhelmed by too many or too difficult activities. They were incredibly nice, both organizers and trainers, so working with them was pure pleasure. I could only wish more people like this making projects.


 – Monika Maguder

Alicja with friends during workshops


Educating young people about citizenship seems to be a difficult task but this training course proved me wrong. It turned out to be really successful and I learned some methods that I’ll be able to incorporate into my work with young people. The Serbian team did a great job when it comes to preparing the sessions, they were really professional and included interesting methods. The one that I liked most was the theatre session, it included both an element of fun and getting to know the history of citizenship. I also liked the session about project ideas, it gave us a possibility to try to create something that we might put into practice sometime in the future. In general everything was really well-organized, both accommodation and food, but the best part of the whole project were the people. All the participants were really open-minded and inspiring, hopefully I’ll meet some of them again. My first ever visit to Serbia turned out to be a success and I’m really glad that I had the opportunity to participate in this project.

-Alicja Kończyk

Thank you girls for sharing!

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