Impressions after TOTAL – Training of Trainers and Active Leaders

Overall, TOTAL was one of the best project I attended. With its structure it guided me through a deep learning and experiential process that helped me developing much more my competences as a trainer in youth work. The sessions were led by very experienced trainers and the profile of the participants was very high qualified, by allowing the group to effectively reach its goals and needs, both on individual and group level. Every aspect of the project – trainers, organising team, activities, planned objectives – was carefully taken into consideration to deliver hihg quality contents. Within this context, I could get much more knowledge and develop many important skills. By discussing data and frameworks related to youth work and trainer pools, for instance, I improved my critical thinking and my ability to critically analyse, scan and select information. Being challenged to plan our own workshops in small groups I could enhance my teamwork skills, as well as the time management to organise the session in a time based way, and my capacity to take initiative, which helped me to shape a more complete set of leadership and communication skills. Also, by going though the 8 different key competences in non dogmatic way, I could improve my creative thinking and deepen my cultural expression. Moreover, by being delved into a multicultural environment, where diversity was always present with different backgrounds, cultures and opinions, it was possible for me to get a broader view of European society, strengthening my social and civic competences and also going through problem solving in different situations. Finally, I can definitely say that I improved my ability to recognize my learning needs and better assess those of the people surrounding me, organizing and planning a complete learning experience towards the achievement of specific objectives.

– Andrea Bernieri, Italy

All impressions and feedback from participants of TOTAL – Training of Trainers and Active Leaders you may find on the official website of the project, HERE



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