Impressions after “Speak up for Europe” Training Course

“Sharing is carrying” – we always remind it to our participants. You may ask us ” What do you mean?” The answer is simple – being open-minded and helpful by sharing good practice and experience with others during the project, taking care of proper dissemination of project results among local youth workers and partner organisations after the mobility ends as well as sharing thoughts and impressions after some time in order to reflect again on learning process, evaluate the project and promote actions of Erasmus + Programme constantly.

So here we are, with impressions after the Training Course “Speak up for Europe”, an 7 days Mobility for Youth Workers, implemented in Wrocław, Poland, from 6th to 13th of March 2018. More about the project you may read here.


“I improved my social and lingual skills. Met amazing people and had a great time. My mind was open, and ready to absorb useful information.”

– Nikola Jelaš, Croatia


“In March 2018, I took part in the Speak Up for Europe training in Wrocław, Poland. The training was complex, engaging, interactive, practical, profound and fun. Participating in this course helped me to better understand the complexity of Europe and EU related topics. I learned a lot of new information from both the trainers and colleagues, the systematization of some information we knew and we established contacts, links with other colleagues. The topics approached were up to date, the course merged theory with practice. One day we visited the EU Regional Representation. Trainers have been liberal, non-formal and demonstrated flexibility. The information provided was concise and clear. The warm-up games were exciting, giving both relaxation and improving sociability skills. The course was well organized, highly trained, patient and understanding trainees, the hostel located in the very center of the city, very good organization. I went out almost every evening with colleagues and trainers in the city, the atmosphere being very open and relaxed and we had complete support every way in every aspect. I intend to take part in other trainings organized by TDM2000 Polska.”

– Diana Nistoran, Romania


“The best was that I spend a week with wonderful people from different countries that now are my friends. I also improved lots of personal skills and now I’m more self-confident. For example: Ability to use new knowledge practically and improving theoretical knowledge Finding, assessing and processing new information and knowledge, Expressing and interpreting abstract concepts, Learning about cultural aspects of communication, Developing critical thinking.”

– Yolanda Garcia Cazorla, Spain


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