Impressions after “Virtual Youth Workers” Training Course

Do you want to know what our participants think about the project they participated in?

Well, we do. That is why we always ask them to share their impressions with us. Check out a feedback after „Virtual Youth Workers” Training Course held in youth center in Krzyżowa, Poland, from 14th to 21st of October 2017. More about the project, you may find here.


It was a useful experience. It helped me to improved my creative skills and to work with a team made by people from different cultures“- Antonio Villella, Italy


“Youth exchanges and trainings are always an incredible platform for exercising the so called soft skills that make us better not only as potential or current Activists and Youth Workers, but also as individuals who because of this kind of experiences show up in a different and better ways in their lives. This training – “Virtual Youth Workers” as that kind of experience was not an exception. It’s incredible how existing in a multicultural environment, even In a short period of time changes you and your perceptions of yourself, other people, the world itself. You learn to articulate your own but also learn to respectfully listen to others’ opinions, points of views and perceptions. You become a better communicator and a much better team player. You become more confident too. It changes you, and you never go back to who you were before. When it comes to the, I will call them- the hard skills, on this particular training we learned how to use Word Press but also Social Media. Tools crucial in today’s world for creating a successful online strategy and making the desirable impact as Youth Workers. They say you are the average of the 5 people you hang out with. Well, for 7 days I was hanging out with more than 20 incredible and inspiring people- participants, hosts and trainers. If I absorbed even just a little bit of your energy and knowledge I can freely consider myself as a much richer person than before I had this experience under my belt. Thank you! Oh, and Polish Soups are really Delicious :)”

– Magdalena Mihajlovska, Macedonia


“The project really helped me improve my communication skills and engage in intercultural dialogue. I was impressed by the possibilities that online tools can offer us in order to promote our organization and communicate with young people.”

– Lina Mesiakari, Greece


“It was my first training course and it was very interesting! I liked all of activities which we did (making videos, website, presenting our projects,…). Therefore I become more communicative, enthusiastic and open-minded person. I improved creativity, skill to empower other for doing useful things, self confidence.”

– Martina Janosikova, Slovakia

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