[Impression] I’ve learned to understand each opinion

Anca, RomaniaI have never participated in a training course like this one.

My expectations were surpassed. It was great to meet people from another countries and spend with them 8 days. I didn’t interact with all of them, as I wanted to, and this is one of the reasons I’d reapeat this kind of experience.

I’ve learned to understand each opinion and that everyone has freedom of expression no matter which is his/her culture, religion, skin color or nationality.

After this experience, since I came back in Romania I realized that I am changed, regarding some aspects.

Thank you!

        – Anca-Alexandra Berbunschi
       Together Romania Association, Romania


Read more about the training course we organized on Council of Europe’s COMPASS Human Rights Education Programme and the Compass Manual in Wroclaw  HERE.

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