“Virtual Youth Workers” Training Course

The Training Course ‘Virtual Youth Workers’ is definitely unforgettable experience for all participants

The main aim of the project was professionalization of youth work by development of skills related to using ICT by partner organizations. Also by professionalization and strategic planning of external communication of youth organizations.

The Training Course VYW was held from 14th to 21st of October 2017 in a youth center in Krzyżowa, Poland. It was hosted by TDM2000 Polska and implemented by nine NGOs of different profiles and target groups.

But let’s start from the very beginning

 First moments of the Training were about getting-to-know each other and breaking the ice. Participants took part in many team building games in order to integrate more and create connections between themselves. There was also time to present their experience, expectations and sending organisations.

And the following days

Participants had a chance to present websites of their NGOs as well as private blogs and to gain new skills in web and logo designing.  Besides creating logo, participants increased their knowledge on video making too. They prepared amazing and creative promoting videos related to the topic of the project which we highly recommend you to check out here.

Discussing different ways of online communication was crucial for workshops about online tools useful while working with youngsters daily.  There was a lot of practical tasks which empowered our participants to plan and implement better visibility of the Training as well as any other upcoming events. They were discovering deeply social networks and platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.  At last, the curtain came down and also WordPress had been discovered. Participants created pages of the blog for this project, learnt how to set up blogs and manage the system. Some of them did it for the first time, some were very experienced, and that was an awesome exchange of good practice and knowledge. 

Participants had also time to discuss future plans of their organisations, brainstorm about ideas and needs for follow-ups and future projects, and make up new partnerships.  Of course besides hard work there was a lot of fun during intercultural evenings, sport games, quiz contest and parties.  

All in all

During 7 days, full of teamwork, integration and fun, 27 Youth Workers coming from Czech Republic, Croatia, Spain, Macedonia, Italy, Greece, Slovakia, Romania, and Poland were united by common need to learn different on-line tools of presence and activity in the Internet, learn good practices, as well as to learn to create and execute communication strategies using the Internet channels of communication

Get to know more

We invite you to visit a blog of the project www.virtualyouthworkers.eu where you can find more information about its objectives, results, useful tools and methods, some inspiration for your future youth work and details about all partner organisations.

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