Training Of Trainers and Active Leaders

TOTAL – Training of Trainers and Active Leaders was a 9 day Training Course which was hosted by TDM2000 Polska from 12th until 20th of January 2015 in Wroclaw, Poland.


Partners in the projects were 10 organisations from the United Kingdom, Italy, Malta, Cyprus, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic and Poland.

We had a chance to get to know exactly each other’s needs and future plans during the NGO Fair.

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Project answered needs of partner organisations and European youth work in general to educate youth trainers and youth leaders for running activities/trainings related to active participation of young people and European awareness.

The project prepared to independently work on preparation, implementation, evaluation and monitoring of youth non-formal education activities related to active participation and other tasks important for youth by providing with needed skills, knowledge and experience.

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We had a lot of different activities such as: workshops on a training of trainers competences: Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes; focus groups on European Training Strategy; SALTO’s, Council of Europe’s and British Council’s frameworks for trainers competences; and creating CoE Portfolio for Youth workers.

These activities were facilitated by our experienced trainers: Agnieszka Marta Janik, President of TDM2000 Polska and Maksymilian Fras, an expert and UK Erasmus+ National Agency trainer.

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Important part of the training was the practical application of the knowledge and skills gained throughout the project and put themselves into the roles of trainers and leaders. Participants in teams had a task to prepare, implement and debrief sessions on different topics like: active participation, EU awareness, discrimination, gender equality, sustainable development, intercultural learning etc.

For the preparation of the sessions, participants used different tools and manuals: such as SALTO toolbox and COMPASS manual.

Their sessions were evaluated by the other participants and the trainers who gave them constructive feedback and tips on their facilitating and communication skills.

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We also had participant’s led workshops on Non-formal Learning Activities, role playing and theater. Creative sessions on dissemination and multiplication of results were really important, especially because this areas are highly rated when applying for projects in the Erasmus+ programme.

In the last days we discussed about recognition of non-formal education and use of YouthPass as a tool for ceritification and recognition of non-formal and informal learning in youth work.

The last day was reserved for detailed presentation of the Erasmus+ programme that brought us all together in Wroclaw for this training. After the presentation we had extremely helpful and active Q&A session that lead to workshop on project cycle and project planning.

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As a result of the project, we are proud to say that we establish a network of youth organisations, trainers and leaders from 10 European countries prepared to run projects and activities related to different topics that encourage active participation of youth.

Participants gained knowledge, skills and experience as trainers, but also improved their communication skills, behavior, learned different methods, and got familiar with tools and sources that are needed and important in their future work.

After work...

Besides the hard work, we also had a bit of fun during the get-to-know each other and group building activities as well on the intercultural evenings when we had the chance to learn more about the culture, traditions, customs, dances, foods and drinks of the participating countries.

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Besides the fact that we have learnt and experienced a lot, that we developed ourselves personally and professionally, we have also made friendships and partnerships that will last.

Hoping to stay in touch with all of you for a long time, to help and cooperate as well work together in the future. 


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