Grow Yourself, Grow Your NGO!

Grow your NGO 

18-27 of August 2016

Cucuteni, Tîrgu Frumos, Iaşi ROMANIA

TDM2000 Polska is a partner on the Training Course hosted by our reliable Romanian SUPER TINERI – ASIRYS Association. We have been collaborating together since 2 years by now and we are so happy and pround to organise the project this year.

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Grow yourself, grow your NGO!



Grow your NGO is a Training Course involving 11 partners from 9 countries.
The course will be held  on  August 2016 in Tirgu Frumos, Iasi. The countries involved are: Romania, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Poland, Slovenia, Germany, Macedonia and the UK.

The project aims to develop entrepreneurial competences among 33 young people interested to develop their own youth organizations through social entrepreneurship initiatives.

During eight days, young people will participate in several activities, presentations, discussions, exercises, workshops, study visits in order to share best practices on how to develop an organization with limited resources.

Participants will have the opportunity to develop skills and competencies through non-formal education and practice. The young people involved will be supported to develop new projects for the sending organization and reflect on personal development projects as social entrepreneurs.

This training will request a lot of energy, good mood and you should like to travel and explore new cultures because we will visit several communities! We will walk a lot and prepare yourself to make things happen, to meet and to speak with many different people and explore your limits. Our purpose is to offer you a great learning experience!


 we will visit

If you would like to know more about the project, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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