More interesting news from “Explaining Europe”

During the Training Course “Explaining Europe” participants took part in many different activities.

After Official Opening on 4th of September, they started getting to know each other by talking about their life, hobbies and playing name games.11931008_754148024707173_636709368740704516_o

First days relied mostly on team building activities but also participants were introduced with mission of the project, its aims and objectives as well as they presented their contribution, fears and expectations. All of the participants were motivated and active, they prepared project contract with rules for upcoming days and started Secret Friend Game, which is a great opportunity to write something nice to each other or give small gifts during the project.

We organised also an NGO Fair.
To keep participants active and creative as much as possible we organised NGO Fashion Show. There was a time for preparation of costumes which should present organisations represented by our participants, contain of Name, Logo, its target group, mission, objectives, past, present and future activities, future plans and contact data. This workshop went very good, we have never seen more beautiful and innovative costumes which were in the same time great promotion of our partner organisations. Participants had an opportunity to become models and walk on the catwalk, to be designers and PR Managers of their sending NGOs.
11960136_1133348373343724_7216609729889290395_nParticipants prepared Intercultural Evenings to share interesting information about countries they are coming from, to speak about traditional customs, food and drinks as well as to teach others traditional dances and games. The night was full of laugh, happy moments, delicious snacks and dishes cooked by participants.


Country Profiles Workshops.
Participants working in national groups needed to prepare
 answers to following questions and present them to the whole group.

1. What are the attitudes towards European Union in your country (you can use surveys, statistics or opinion polls). What is the perception of EU among your friends, colleagues?

2. Describe youth involvement in social and political life in your country.

3. What are the European programmes directed to young people available in your countries?

4. Are people in your local communities socially active? (In terms of taking part in social campaigns, volunteering, voting in elections etc.). If possible, give us some examples.

During next workshops participants discussed about Active Citizenship and being European.
Working in the international groups participants prepared answers to the statement “Me as a European” and explained their thoughts to the audience.

When participants discovered topics related to Active Citizenship, European Union, European Parliament, European Programmes and Europe in general, they took part in  European Parliament Simulation during which they could imagine themselves as political representatives of different European countries.

Simulation was a good introduction to next tasks. It  helped participants to find more answers on question: HOW TO PROMOTE EUROPEAN UNION VALUES AND ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP?

12002452_1024449320909738_5075277451037624446_o Participants were asked to prepare own workshops aiming promotion of active participation, citizenship and European Union values and to facilitate them as trainers with the rest of the group. Their ideas were fresh, interesting and planned so well, that all of us were involved into workshops a lot and participants prepared them as tools for other facilitators. Facilitating own workshops leaded participants to many conclusions related to Youth Work Methodology and Resources which will be useful for their future work and their organisations. More, you can find in EE_Toolbox.

Participants were working together in groups and planning future projects within Erasmus Plus Programme connected to promotion of European Union, its values and rules as well as European Citizenship and active participation in social life of local communities.

Project was evaluated with participants on the last day, they also planned follow-ups and dissemination of project results, prepared leaflet, posters and reviews. Read more HERE.

We would like to say Thank you! to all of our participants for their hard work, active participation, great and innovative ideas and huge motivation and positive energy!  We wish you all the best and hope to see you on next projects again!

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