Promotion of Labour Mobility in Europe Project – PLME16 –

High youth unemployment rate, lack of work forces, misuse of workers, inequality of domestic and foreign workers, lack of information about rights and possibilities…Those are issues that European Labour Market faces today.



TDM2000 Polska is a parnter organisation in the project “Promotion of Labour Mobility in Europe” which will gather representatives of youth organisations and organisations working with youth from Italy, Malta, Croatia, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Greece and Spain, and will be hosted in Giovinazzo ( Metropolitan area of Bari), Italy from 09.04.2016. until 16.04.2016. by EUROSUD.


This Training Course will offer youth workers and young leaders from 8 Program Countries a possibility to learn how to promote labour mobility, how to help young people to find information and use tools and programmes provided by European Commission such as EURES, Erasmus Plus, guaranteed rights and limitations, what support young people working in other member state can get.

Participants will also gain leadership skills and develop local, regional, national and international projects consenting youth labour mobility, but also get introduced about role of EU in our everyday life.

Programme of the Training is adapted to the needs of participants and contain various forms of non-formal learning methods such as simulations, brainstorming, work in the groups, debates, presentations, etc.


If you would like to know more about the training course, please download the INFOPACK or contact us on



In order to gather as much information as possible we would appreciate if you could fill out our short anonymous survey. This will give us a better understanding of your thoughts on the challenges, problems, possibilities and possible solutions to the problem. Follow the Survey, here.1231


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