TC on human rights education and COMPASS manual in Wroclaw

TDM2000 Polska and Wroclaw, from 6th to 14th of November 2014, were host of 24 youth workers and youth leaders from Poland, Macedonia, Croatia, UK, Italy, Romania, Lithuania and Bulgaria who came together to participate on a training course on the Council of Europe’s COMPASS Human Rights Education Programme and the Compass Manual.

The project main objectives were to increase the competences of participants in facilitating human rights education activities, train them to use the Compass Manual, increase the quality of future Erasmus Plus projects and to strengthen the capacity and partnerships of partner organisations.

During the 8 days stay in a nice and cozy hostel in the center of Wroclaw, we had a lot of non-formal educational activities, individual and group work, team-building activities, multimedia presentations, role-plays and social theatre plays, discussions and simulations concerning human rights in general, human rights issues on global, European and local level as well the international frameworks and documents protecting Human Rights.

We discussed and presented the work of the international organisations and bodies in the field, particularly the work of Council of Europe. We have also introduced various resources, most notably the Compass Manual (2012 edition), that could be used in our work in human rights education.

Big part of the Training Course was the practical application of Compass’s manual activities prepared and facilitated by the participants under the supervision and guidance of Bastian Küntzel , a trainer from the Council of Europe’s pool of trainers. This gave the participants an opportunity to get experience and knowledge in the role of human rights educators as well to get feedback and constructive critique for their work.

During the project we also had a chance to present country realities on protecting and violating human rights as well the human rights education in each of the participating countries which gave space for participants to compare the situation and to propose ideas how to prevent violation against human rights, but also ideas how to promote and improve human rights education in our local communities and countries.

The training course also gave the opportunity for participants to get to know more about the city of Wroclaw during the city game and guided tour we organized. This not just showed the beauty of Wroclaw, but also gave a glance at the complex history, culture and traditions of the region and the country. During the city game participants had a chance to collaborate with citizens of Wroclaw and to talk with them about their views if the human rights are protected and respected in the city and in Poland in general.

At the last day of the training course, we had Erasmus Plus presentation, the Programme that financed the project, and about all of its possibilities and opportunities it gives to basically everyone. We also had opportunity to develop and share project ideas that can be organized in the future within the Programme.

At the end, in the name of TDM2000 Polska Team, we would like to say BIG THANK YOU to everyone who took part on this training course!

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