Trainers TOTALLY trained in Uzana (Bulgaria)

Action begins on 4th April 2017 when participants from Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Malta, Cyprus, Croatia, Slovakia, Portugal, Italy, Greece, FYROM, Spain, Lithuania, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland arrived to Uzana in Bulgaria with purpose to be TOTALLY trained at TOTAL Lab within Erasmus+ project “Training of Trainers and Active Leaders”.

“We woke up to a beautiful place! Some snow still in shady parts, hiding between the trees. The cool air and beautiful cedar trees with white and lilac dwarf flowers appearing all over the place amazing!!! Spring beauty appearing from beneath the snow! It was cold walking outside but real natural serene beauty everywhere you look. Inside TOTAL LAB Training of Trainers began in the dungeon of this secluded hotel and we felt inspired.”- Ekaterini (Cyprus) shared her first impressions about trainings.

Many non-formal education activities were included in training course programme not only to hear new subjects, but also to have ability to be TOTALLY experienced in creating new training tools, innovative solutions and approaches in non-formal education, development of training strategies and new projects.

Some quotes by some participants from the their own experiences:

“I learnt a lot how to create a project and how to focus on the key aspects when designing a project, also I learnt how to work better in a team, to listen to each other which is very important and usually we just want to go without idea but it’s important to find common ground and to get along in order to produce something very good. I really enjoyed workshops and the fact we actually had a chance to create our own sessions because we had ability to put our knowledge into the practice. Also we learnt from other participants in other groups how to have a good idea, how to connect and make a good flow between activities, I liked energizers as well, and overall I really think it’s very good group and everyone have shared their own experience.
Yea, for me it was great experience. Thank you!”

– Anamaria (Romania).


“I learnt how to be much better and how to put that in practice. It was very very good for develop myself and meet new people with lot of knowledge”

– Dalia (Portugal).


“All the activities involved a lot in this kind of theory about trainer’s work for me was very interesting to find from the beginning where you start what you do in TOTAL Basic and how you get in a little more into practice and also a little bit in depth in theory in TOTAL Advance; and now the final stage like this Laboratory where we go like really really into practice and how all things can go together and finally to have a picture how  to become a trainer. For me it’s interesting and give possibility to people who are interested in this kind of work in non-formal education, to have a real chance to real information and access to people who can help them, so they can slowly go to the field of this work

– Slavjan (Macedonia).

“In reality I actually wanted so much to come to this project, I persuaded to come all three courses, I wanted, I did it and I am happy that I did it, because every step gave me things that if even at first stages are new, I found the material to fill the gaps and  how I could be a one who could help others who have less experience.  In the procedure it was like puzzle: putting pieces of puzzle together, now we have a puzzle but still we did a frame”

– Ritsa (Greece).


Participants believed this training course would lead to TOTAL COOPERATION among organizations in the future.

The article prepared by Rasa Žilionė,
participant of TOTAL Lab,
president of VšĮ Inovacijų biuras (official TOTAL partner from Lithuania)

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