Training Course “Explaining Europe”

PosterProject “Explaining Europe” was a Training Course hosted in Krzyżowa in Lower Silesia region of Poland between 4th and 11th of September 2015. Project was financed by Erasmus Plus Programme.

In the course participated youth workers, leaders and trainers working in local communities from Spain, Czech Republic, Romania, Malta, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Italy.

Topics of the project were:
EU awareness;
active citizenship;
youth social;
political activeness;

We used wide range of non-formal education methods, such as brainstorming, simulations, role plays, work in groups, presentations, case studies, debates and discussions.


The project aimed to:

– educate youth workers, young leaders and trainers from involved organizations about EU citizenship, EU awareness, active participation, structure and decision making process in EU

– empower involved organizations to develop and implement local, national and international project aiming to foster EU awareness among young people

– build knowledge of youth about youth polices, their role in planning and implementation of policies, and democratic and European values

– exchange good practice and enhance international cooperation of youth organizations and youth workers within the Erasmus+ programme and other cooperation mechanisms

– to provide new innovative approaches of promotion of EU awareness among young people in Europe, using non-formal education and ICT, and implement them by follow up activities and project ides within Erasmus+ programme.

NGO Fair Intercultural Evening Secret Friend Game ResultsDiscussions in the groups Workshops

Check out articles prepared by our participants, here.

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