Apply for Youth Exchange “Be On Time” in Romania

TDM2000 Polska is announcing an open call for Polish participants to take part in the project
“BE ON TIME – Active Citizen” which will be hosted by our partner organisation Asociatia de Tineret, Cultură şi Educaţie „Speranţa Râmniceană” (ATCE-SR) within the Erasmus+ Programme.

What is it?

Project description: “Be On Time – Active Citizen”, main theme is time management and making youth work more productive, stimulating cultural awareness on time perception with the purpose of understanding and accepting cultural diversity within EU and fostering social inclusion and European cohesion.

An Youth Exchange that will take place in Ramnicu Sarat, Romania, between 07.08.2015 – 17.08.2015 will involve one trainer/leader and 5 youngsters from each country.

The activity it’s structured as a complex street campaign which promotes active citizenship and social cohesion. The main non-formal methods used: get-to-know-each-other and socializing games, media & social media campaigns, street animations, PhotoVoice, workshops, forum theatre, intercultural evenings, public café, flash-mob, energizers, evaluations and self-evaluations.

The promoters of this project are 6 youth organizations from Romania, Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland and Slovenia, experienced in implementation of European projects, but whose staff needs time management abilities development. The staff will afterwards train young people and youth workers to be responsible, punctual, experienced, to efficiently manage their time, using non-formal instruments in their activity and also to fight against prejudices by understanding stereotypes, all in the context of developing inter-cultural dialogue.


  • Developing time management abilities of the 24 participants (youth workers) at the training course by learning innovative and creative methods in organizing time and resources of promoters during training activities.
  • Facilitating the development of practical skills of time management in the organization of events and working in multicultural teams, for the 36 participants in the youth exchange in Râmnicu Sarat, with the methods and tools experimented before, in the training course and used by promoters, in the form of performances/street activities  implemented in order to promote the active citizenship and social cohesion.
  • Development of competencies related to the management of conflictual situations, ignorance or misunderstanding linked to the peculiarities and stereotypes that refer to different perceptions of time in diverse cultures, for the target groups, workers and young people from six European youth organizations during the activities.
  • Creating the framework to stimulate intercultural dialogue for both target groups, representatives of the six European youth organizations during the two activities (training and exchange) through the use of IT and web tools such as: blog, facebook, tweeter.
  • Improving organizational management and the quality of educational programs dedicated to youth, for the six partner NGOs, by transferability of results in organizations.

Who can apply?

If you are a youth worker, youth leader, young person, student, high-school student (18+) interested to develop yourself in the theme of time management, making youth work more productive, stimulating cultural awareness on time perception with the purpose of understanding and accepting cultural diversity within EU and fostering social inclusion and European cohesion by using non-formal methods, then apply for participation in Youth Exchange. The project is also opened for people with cultural, economical, geographical and social obstacles or fewer opportunities.

How is it financed?

This YE is financed within Erasmus + Programme. Travel costs (up to 170euro per person), accommodation and food during the project are covered by the hosting organisation.

Transport for the Training Course (refunded 100% within the limits below; any amount that exceeds this budget limit, according to the Erasmus+ rules, will be covered by the participants):

Poland: 170 Euro per person

Participants are therefore strongly advice to use the lowest cost  in means of transport. Taxi travel costs are not eligible for reimbursements!


“The reimbursements for Training will be done by bank transfer, in the bank account of the partner NGO doing one transfer for the entire group, after the training, upon sending all travel documents.

Reimbursement of travel costs will only be done after full attendance of the activities and sending of the original travel tickets with boarding passes, receipts, invoices, electronic tickets.

According to Romanian National Agency regulations and Romanian accounting rules and tax code, we need the proof of payment – if you pay in cash, than you have to send us the receipt for that payment and if you pay by credit card/bank transfer we need the account extract/credit card slip/bank statement.

Reimbursement will be done in EUR, regardless of the currency indicated on the ticket and receipt/invoice.
Any tickets purchased in a local currency other than EUR, will then be converted and calculated according to the exchange rate of the European Central Bank, at the date published on its website, at the date when the contract is signed by the National Agency.

The organizers do not provide any health insurance
for the participants. The participants are requested to purchase individual health insurance for their stay in Romania.

How to apply?

If you are interested in participating on the Youth Exchange please first download and read carefully the INFOPACK and then fulfill the APPLICATION FORM provided below and send it back to, not later than 04th of June 2015. 

If you have any questions, doubts or you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us on the same mail.



Please follow the following format for the subject of your email and the title of the application form document: title of the project_destination country_surname (for example: BeOnTime_Romania_Kowalski)*

*applications out of this rule will not be taken into consideration.


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