Call for partners for a Training Course “Key to Inclusion”

Building on previous experience and success of the seminar focused on migration issues, TDM2000 Polska invites partner organisations to participate in this 8 days residential training course, which will take place in late winter/early spring of 2016, in the surroundings of Lower Silesia region in Poland, in Krzyzowa.

Project aims at preparing youth workers and young leaders to work in the field of inclusion and attitudes of individuals and groups to promote greater understanding and equality in their societies in order to avoid discrimination.

Participants will explore the situation of groups particularly endangered to exclusion and discrimination in their countries – migrants and ethnic minorities in their countries. The educational process will also introduce elements of anti-discriminatory workshops which will help to self-evaluate and analyse the habituated attitudes and beliefs towards particular groups and individuals which are at risk of discrimination.

This training course will consist of two modules:

The first will analyse and look more closely at the situation of groups at risk of exclusion and discrimination and their relation with the mainstream society.

Second part will introduce basics of the anti-discriminatory education – main topics of the anti-discriminatory workshop will be focused on stereotypes, prejudices and phenomenon of discrimination as such.
Participants will explore the roots and discuss the possible solutions to discussed problems.
They will learn and discuss how adequately react to the discriminatory situations in their surroundings – either based on their experience, or in the witnessed situations.

Overall, during this training participants will discuss the reasons and mechanisms of exclusion and discrimination of particular groups from the mainstream society, the mechanisms of stereotyping and prejudices. We will analyse the relations between the minority and majority groups and practice different methods to react to discrimination. Participants therefore will be equipped with knowledge and skills to discover discriminatory situations in public spaces and react to them, as well as to multiply this in their local communities.

Interested organisations should follow the application procedure described below:

  1. Fill in the Partner Identification Form (PIF);
  2. Fill in, sign, stamp, scan and send in .pdf format the Mandate form;
  3. Send application and scanned mandate to, not later than 23 of April 2015.

Selected partners will be requested to send the original Mandate by post within one week after selection
of partners is done by the project team (please keep the original Mandate form until selection results are published).

In case of any questions or doubts, feel free to contact TDM2000 Polska team at

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