3 Free Spots for ASHA Outdoor Education (AOE) Training Course

Dates of the project:

Arrival – 30.06 (all day; no programme planned)
Departure – 08.07 (all day; no programme planned)


ASHA Outdoor Education (AOE) Training Course is a project aimed at main-streaming of outdoor education, in addition to focus on the promotion of healthy lifestyles and the life in harmony with the natural environment. The project is a continuation of a successful series of outdoor education projects organised by ASHA Centre in 2012 and 2013, including local volunteering projects and an international youth exchange.

This project will be carried out for 30 participants from eight organisations from different European countries. Participants will include youth workers, volunteers as well as activists willing to learn and to share everything they will learn and experience (their skills, knowledge and positive attitudes) with others in Europe (and in their own communities).

The objectives of this project are:

  • Promoting outdoor education as an inclusive tool in youth work;
  • Equipping participants with skills for outdoor education including preparation of activities, risk, assessment, health and safety measures and outdoor methods;
  • Reflecting on the learning benefits of using the outdoors: health, lifestyle, connecting to nature, protecting the environment, fighting global warming;
  • Increasing youth participation through outdoor education;
  • Reflecting on the use of outdoor education in various Erasmus + projects (and Key Actions);
  • Developing further co-operation of partner promoter organisations in the field of outdoor education including future Key Action 1 activities or EVS projects.

As a result of the project, participants will be equipped with tools and methods for outdoor education. They will have a chance to reflect on the changing lifestyles of young people and the beneficial effects of using outdoor methods, promoting healthier lifestyles, bringing young people closer to nature and the countryside. The potential long term results include increased competencies of all participants, but also inclusion of youngsters with fewer opportunities and those from culturally diverse backgrounds from among them. Finally we are hoping for a ‘main-streaming effect’ of outdoor education as an educational tool not only for future international activities but also for small local projects (initially organised by all of our partner organisations). This will be done through a number of activities run in the Forest of Dean, where all participants will be accommodated and where the project will be carried out.

The ASHA Centre is situated in a uniquely beautiful spot in the Forest of Dean, with access to all outdoor “learning facilities” possible. We will use both ASHA grounds and the surrounding forest for learning purposes during the course.

Participants need to be over 18. We will not be able to host any under-age participants.

The Venue:

ASHA Centre
Flaxley, Gloucestershire

Travel costs: 

ASHA will reimburse your travel expenses at 80% of the overall cost.

Please bare in mind the new Erasmus Plus travel limits for your country. However, if for good reasons your travel costs exceed the limit, we will still reimburse at 80%.

! Note: Please note if you bought your ticket in your local currency which might be different than Euro, we will calculate your travel costs according to the exchange rates from official European Commission website.

!!!! Note: Please make sure you have return tickets for all stages of your travel (return plane tickets,return bus tickets, etc.). Reimbursement will be given only on the basis of an existing ticket. No advance reimbursement for future tickets will be given.

!!!!! Note: If you plan to travel outside the official project dates you need an approval first.

Health insurance:

Health insurance will not be provided or reimbursed by the organisers. All participants are required to purchase health insurance individually.

Travel budget limits:

Please remember that the amount listed below includes local transport in the UK (airport – Gloucester-airport); coach and train travel between some airports and Gloucester can amount to 60-80 euro.

Poland – up to 275.00 euro

How to apply?

If you want to apply for this project, please complete the APPLICATION FORM and send it back to faferek@tdm2000.pl, not later than 19th of March 2015. The results will be shared via email on 20th of March at 14.00 o’clock.

*Please set in the title of the doc. your name_surname_title of the project.


Thank you! 😉 Looking forward for you applications!

For more info:

Official Website of ASHA Centre
Facebook Fun-page 


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