Call for participants for a training course in Lithuania

TDM2000 Polska is announcing an open call for 3 Polish participants to take part on a Training course “Human Rights Education with Young People: values, methods and tools” that will be organized in the training centre “Daugirdiškės” approx. 40 km away from Vilnius, from 24th of October until 1st of November 2014.

Food, accommodation, materials and travel costs (up to 275 euros) are fully covered by the organizers. Conditions to take part on this project are to be over 18 years old and have a good command of the English language.

Below you can read more about the project and If you are interested to take part on it, please send us a question or fulfilled application form to: or, not later than 20th of September 2014.




Why do we need it?

As our societies are becoming more various because of migration tendencies, globalization and other processes that are bringing more people to live in multicultural societies, it becomes more important to address the issues of diversity, equal rights, tolerance, non-discrimination and human rights that postulate that “all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.”

Human rights education promotes values, beliefs and attitudes that encourage all individuals to uphold their own rights and those of others. It develops an understanding of everyone’s common responsibility to make human rights a reality in each community. Human rights education constitutes an essential contribution to the long-term prevention of human rights abuses and represents an important investment in the endeavor to achieve a just society in which all human rights of all persons are valued and respected. Youth workers and youth leaders are the people who can make a difference because of their daily interaction with young people and the aim to promote the personal, educational and social development of young people. We believe that if youth workers and youth leaders would have more knowledge, skills and positive attitude towards human rights education, they would be able to have a positive impact on young peoples lives and that would be the way to better, more respectful and tolerant societies.

The training course for youth workers and youth leaders is aiming at improving the competencies of participants on addressing diversity and human rights issues in daily work with young people. The training course will focus on value education and methods and tools that the youth workers and youth leaders could use in their daily activities. The TC is based on non-formal education methodology and is combined of different types of activities that include individual and group learning, cognitive and experiential learning, active and inclusive methods and so on.

For more information please take a look on the blog made for the project:

Training center "Daugirdiškės"

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