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TOTAL_logoDear partners of TOTAL,

Dear potential partners,

Based on experience of implementation of a very successful project “Training of Trainers and Active Leaders – TOTAL”, hosted in January 2015 in Wroclaw, Poland, together with other partners we agreed to develop and apply with a new project within Erasmus+ KA1 Mobility of youth workers to the Polish National Agency on April 2015 deadline.

The new project will combine 3 activities (Trainings for Trainers) that will last for 12 months.

Click on the dates below for more information about the envisioned activities throughout our project.

August 2015

Starting date of the project (first costs may occur). 

September 2015

Selection of participants for the first activity, preparation of the project, visibility activities. 

January 2016 - Activity 1

“TOTAL Basic” will be the first activity of the project, designed for participants willing to gain and develop basic training competences and start working as youth trainers. Participants will learn training methods, tools, available resources, and gain skills necessary in their work. Participants of TOTAL Basic will have to implement local follow up activities together with their organisations and send reports within 30 days after they are completed.

February 2016

Follow up activities organized by partner organisations during which participants of TOTAL Basic will practice newly gained skills and competences.

March 2016 - Activity 2

TOTAL Advance” will be the second activity of the project, dedicated to trainers with average experience in implementation of training for young people,  with clear need to learn about trainer’s portfolio, development, competences, development of a learning plan, and other skills and knowledge necessary for a professional trainer. 

April 2016

International follow up activities of partner organisations involving trainers taking part in TOTAL Advance.

May 2016 - Activity 3

“TOTAL Lab” (laboratory) will be the final activity within the project. “TOTAL Lab” is designed for experienced trainers and provides space for creating new training tools, innovative solutions and approaches in non-formal education, development of training strategies and new projects. Activity will also have impact on networking among trainers and development of European non-formal education youth projects for youth workers. 

June 2016

Other follow up activities, dissemination of projects results, evaluation of partnership, reporting.

August 2016

Final activities of the project and reporting.


Exact dates of all activities will be scheduled by hosting organisation based on availability of accommodation. Deadlines for selection of participants, reporting, follow up activities and other tasks will be agreed with selected partner organisations.

All activities will be hosted in Krzyzowa, Lower Silesia, Poland:

General aim of the project is to empower involved organisations to implement non-formal education activities in their local communities and on national and European level. Project will offer opportunity for professional development of trainers and youth workers, starting from basic skills, through development of training modules, training strategies, to improvement of youth work and training.

Selection of participants:

Each partner will send 2 participants to each activity (6 participants per partner in total during the project). One participant will be selected within agreed deadline by partner organisation, second participant will be selected by partner organisation in cooperation with project team based on applications submitted trough Salto web-site.

Maximum one participants taking part in the first activity per organisation is allowed to take part in the second and third activities (under condition of significant personal development of the participants achieved through their participation in the first activity, local follow up activities and active work within partner organisation).

Responsibilities of partners involved in the project:

  • Selection of participants based on requested profile and experience of participant for each activity, following procedures and deadlines
  • Preparation and support of participants before and during mobility activities
  • Contribution to visibility and dissemination of the project results during and after mobility activities
  • Support to participants during implementation of follow up activities (local workshops and trainings)

Partnership procedure:

In total, 15 partner organisations will be involved. To take part in the project please follow the application procedure described below:

  1. Fill in the Partnership Application form;
  2. Fill in, sign, stamp, scan all pages and send in .pdf format the Mandate form;
  3. Send partnership application and scanned mandate to, not later by 23 of April 2015.

Selected partners will be requested to send the original Mandate by post within one week after selection of partners is done by the project team (please keep the original Mandate form until selection results are published).

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In case of any questions feel free to contact TDM2000 Polska team at or

We are looking forward to cooperate with you!


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