Call for partners for October 1st 2014 deadline

TDM2000 Poland will submit 3 project proposals to the Polish National Agency within October 1st deadline 2014 under KA1 of Erasmus+ programme.

Training Course: “Challenge Accepted! – Understanding Beyond Boundaries”

Partners from: EU, Macedonia, Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia, Kosovo; Date: April 2015.

Project “Challenge Accepted! – Understanding Beyond Boundaries” is 8 days Training Course within Erasmus + Programme, concerning conflict management. The training course will take place in Wrocław, city in the heart of Lower Silesia region in Poland. In this project and by planned activities we envisage to take significant effort to learn tools and skills needed to support people-to-people reconciliation activities that bring together individuals of different ethnic, religious or political backgrounds, from areas of conflict to address the root causes of tension and instability. Therefore, the training course will be suitable for youth workers, willing to develop their key competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes) in the subject of conflict management. The varied composition of partner countries will provide different angles for discussion, negotiations and foster the mutual peer-to-peer learning as well as will be a chance for intercultural experience and meeting of representatives of both close and more distant neighbours in a neutral and friendly setting.This training course aims at providing youth and youth workers with skills and tools to use for the dealing with conflict and conflict resolution. These tools will enable participants to promote peaceful coexistence and improve mutual understanding and dialogue on issues of common concern in their everyday work and life.

Training Course: “Coaching Leaders of Tomorrow”

Partners from: EU + Macedonia; Date: May 2015

Project  “Coaching Leaders of Tomorrow” is 8-days Training Course that will be hosted in Wroclaw, Poland by TDM2000 Polska. Aim of the project is to educate youth workers and young leaders from different European countries about coaching techniques and provide them with skills that are needed in their future work with young people from their local communities. After the project, participants will be ready to work as coaches with young people and support them in developing their entrepreneurial skills, active participation and creativity. This training will provide partner organisations with educated and prepared staff able to implement and participate in many local activates, as well to work directly with their target groups, and to share their knowledge and skills with other youth workers.

Traning Course and Youth Exchange “Surprise with Enterprise”

Partners from: EU + Macedonia; Date: June and August 2015

Project “Surprise with Enterprise” includes two activities: a 7 days training course that will be hosted in Wroclaw, Poland and an 8 days Youth Exchange that will be hosted 2 months later in Lower Silesia region, Poland. Aim of the project is to educate young people about promotion, motivation and support that youth workers and young leaders can offer to unemployed young people. Project will also be an opportunity to work directly with young people on Youth exchange that will be organized in second phase of the project. Main goal of youth exchange will be to try, develop and create new approaches and methods in promotion of entrepreneurship among youth, as well as to motivate young people to use their creativity and start their own business. Each partner will send 3 participants on Training Course and 4 young people plus one group leader on Youth Exhange.

General partnership conditions: As the project seeks funding by the Erasmus +, accommodation and food will be provided by the organizers. Travel costs to the venue and back will be covered according to guidelines of the Erasmus + manual.

If you are interested to be partner on one or more projects, please send us:

on e-mail before September 20th 2014.

Mandates should be filled out and printed, sign/stamped and send as scans (requirement of Polish National Agency). Mandates with inserted signature can’t be accepted. Thank you !



All original Mandates should be also sent to:

Agnieszka Janik

TDM2000 Polska

Ul. Zaciszna 64/8

55-200 Olawa



We will include in projects only partners from which we get original Mandates. For organisations that are applying as partners for the first time within Erasmus+ as a partner, please follow instruction on this linkFor more information, feel free to contact us. Hope to see you soon in Wroclaw!

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