Get Inspired! Apply for Training on Youth Life Coaching

TDM2000 POLSKA invites you to take part on the Training Course “Get Inspired! Training on Youth Life Coaching” which is going to be held from 10 – 18.12.2015 in Flaxley, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom by our partner organisation ASHA Centre.


What should you know before applying?

On the one hand, many young people are struggling to get started in life, to find their place in our society, not because they are not good enough but often because they are not aware of their own full potential and do not know how to make the most of it. On the other hand, many people want to help but do not necessarily know how. How to listen properly to someone? How to guide someone? How to awaken someone to his or her own potential? How to even believe that one is able to help someone else to find his or her path in life? This course will hopefully look at both these dimensions of youth coaching.

The aim of the course is two-fold. It is first for participants to understand themselves better and become aware of their own potential and goals in life. Then, it is for them to learn the tools and skills that will enable them to help others to become active and more self-aware.

The course will be based on non-formal education methods, including experiential learning tools,practical exercises and creative workshops. It will contain, among others, sessions on non-violent communication and active listening, confidence building, self-awareness and relationships, as well as elements of artistic and physical expression as a tool for self exploration. The course will also explore our relationship to the outdoors and nature as well as to a healthy life-style.

Partner organisations:

  • ASHA Foundation (UK) – 4 participants
  • Alternativi International (Bulgaria) – 4 participants
  • Association Migration Solidariete Et Echange Pour Le Developpment (France) – 4 participants
  • Hrvatska Udruga Mladih (Croatia) – 4 participants
  • Associazione di Promozione Sociale Futuro Digitale (Italy) – 4 participants
  • Rigas 34 vidusskola (Latvia) – 4 participants
  • TDM 2000 Polska (Poland) – 4 participants
  • Ayuntamiento de Murcia (Spain) – 4 participants

Traveling, the reimbursement & Insurance:

ASHA Centre is located in the Forest of Dean, near Gloucester. The nearest airports are
(listed by distance/convenience of travel to Gloucester):

– Bristol Airport (Approx. 2h to Gloucester by coach)

– Birmingham Airport (approx 2h to Gloucester by coach)

– Heathrow Airport (Approx. 3-4 hrs to Gloucester by coach)

– Luton Airport (Approx. 4-5 hrs by coach to Gloucester by coach)

– Gatwick Airport (Approx. 5h to Gloucester by coach)

– Stansted Airport (Approx. 5h to Gloucester by coach)

The travel expenses (from your home town till the venue of the course) are reimbursed on presentation of the relevant receipts up to the 275 euro.

ASHA will reimburse your travel expenses at 80% of the overall cost.

Please bare in mind the new Erasmus Plus travel limits for your country. However, if for good reasons your travel costs exceed the limit, we will still reimburse at 80%.

Health insurance will not be provided or reimbursed by the organisers.
All participants are required to 
purchase health insurance individually.

There is NO participation fee for this training course!


Accommodation and food:

All rooms have either baths or showers. Towels and bed linen will be provided. Accommodation and full board meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are covered by the hosting organization.


Do you want to apply for this Training?

If you are interested in participating in the Training Course, then please fill in the APPLICATION FORM and send it back to not later than 25.10.2015.

If you have any questions, doubts or you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us on the same mail.

Please follow the following format for the subject of your email and the title of the application form document GI_ASHA_YourSurname* (for example: GI_ASHA_Kowalski).

*applications out of this rule will not be taken into consideration.



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